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Hey everyone welcome to my new tagboard!!! YAY sooo happy about this hehee... anywho yeah I was having fun... how about I update in this section here about anything new or on the go or whatnot? Or somewhere.. I really dont add much to the site, and when i do i dont even remember what it is hehe...

anywho yeah so I think that would be pretty cool...

--thinking on creating a new page, from html, fix it up and make it pretty... I wont put the link up until I find a proper uploader which actually works, and one which allows you to upload more then ten times for updates and whatnot hehe... stupid boomspeed... and dont say it was my computer because I deleted my cookies and it still wouldnt work... bah...
Anywho i think thats it for now.. .bah lol... love jamjam!! :D