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You know those online quizzes you find all over the place? Well I'm displaying some that I took here :D If you know of any other cool quizzes, dont hesitate to email me!

Strawberry: 30/100 Pear: 0/100 Banana: 100/100 Tomato: 15/100 Lemon: 20/100

Take the What Fruit Are You? test by Ellen and Aaron!
Which PPG are you?

Yay bubbles... sounds so right lol... anywho


Hula Hoop

This quiz says absolutely nothing about your personality. Take it!

Sun Goddess
Goddess of the Sun and there's no doubt that you
have a bright and cheery exterior!

What element would you rein over? (For Girls)
brought to you by Quizilla

discover what candy you are @


You give your love and friendship unconditionaly. You enjoy long, thoughful conversations rich in philosophy and spirituality. You are very loyal and intuitive.

Find out your color at!

Are you Addicted to the Internet?
43% (41% - 60%)
You seem to have a healthy balance in your life when it comes to the internet and life away from the computer. You know enough to do what you want online without looking like an idiot (most of the time). You even have your own Yahoo club or online journal! But you enjoy seeing your friends and going out to enjoy life away from your computer.

The Are you Addicted to the Internet? Quiz at!

The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz
The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz

I'm so like Homer! I like cheese!
I'm Homer, who are you? by Lexi

Which Spongebob character are 
Take the SBSP test!

Take the M&M's Test @ /~erin

I am cheddar cheese!

Pretzels rule!

What food are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

You come from the Ocean. You've always been drawn
to the sea, the sound of the waves, the crystal
blue water, near the sea is where you belong.

Where Did Your Soul Originate?
brought to you by Quizilla

quiz created by Tsukitty

I'm natural bubble tea!
Click here to take the test!

Take the What Type of Friend are You? quiz, and visit [Me.]

So which letter of the alphabet matches YOUR personality, huh?

What Flavour Are You? I am sweet, like Sugar.I am sweet, like Sugar.

I am all sweetness and light; fluffy bunnies and dancing fairies; happiness and joy. Too much of me will make you sick. What Flavour Are You?

You're the STYLE tag- you are very dramatic, but when you mess up or overdramatize something, you know it and you change.

click to find out if you are obsessed!

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

I took the McDonalds test, and guess what I got?

You can take the McDonalds Product Test by Matio64 here!

take the antisocial test.
and go to because laura's feeling social.

take the non-offensive quiz.
and go to laura = great.

Are you NASTY or NICE?
Quiz made by Angela

You're Tino! You're normal and, er, paranoid.
A bit of a wimp, but your heart's definitaly
in the right place - you'd do anything for a
friend. You're clever and grown-up, but can be
boring and nosy sometimes. Oh, and you hate (and
suck at) sports.
Kinda cheesey...
Take the What Weekender Character are you? Quiz

I am linus
Which Peanuts Character Are You Quiz

Take the What Should Your New Year's Resolution Be? Quiz

What's your Chocolate flavor?
Quiz made by Chesa

I'm a Savvy Spender. What are you? Click to find out!
Savvy Spender!
You always know when you can and can't blow all of your money. You're great at both saving and spending, balancing it out for a perfect shopping style!
Take the quiz here!

Find your inner fast food! by Emily

I'm a......

Take Squiggle UK's 'Are you addicted to online tests' test

What Drink Are You?
What Drink Are You?

which is so funny, seems i cant have caffine...

Pretty!  I'm a buttercup!
Which Flower Are You?Find out!

Yummy...I'm an Entree!
Which Part of a Meal Are You?Find out!

Ok...I have a Joyful Personality
What's Your Personality?Find out!

Aah...I'm psycho!
Are You Crazy??Find out!

Woohoo! I'm Big Bird! YAY
Which Kid's TV Character are You?Find out!

If I were in a movie, I'd be a funny sidekick!
Take the Movie Quiz now!
created by Brooke.

Which Cartoon Cat Are You? Quiz by gypsydance

I'm so like suzie! Yeah right...
I'm suzie, who are you? by Dru & Lexi

I am 17% evil.
Take the test ::

Which Season are you?

What Flavor Snapple Are You?

Also known widely as the Fire Bird, the phoenix is a profound symbol of the circle of life. It has a life cycle of 500 to 600 ears and after that amount of time, it sets itself on fire and dies in the flames. Then after three days, it rises again from the ashes. It is a completely benign creature who lives in dew. It is said that the phoenix has a beautiful melidous song which grows ever more mournful as its life comes to an end. It is a symbol of the sun and immortality. The phoenix is a very worthwhile beast. I don't know how I got it then lol... Anywho :D
What mythical beast best represents you?Take the quiz!

See what Care Bear you are.