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More random pictures :D

Welcome to jamjam's, shop of amazing pics... if u click on the pic, hopefully it'll open up in a new window with where i got it from... although im still kinda working on this page lol...soon ill have it all in a nice big table and whatnot and it'll b good.. just u wait lol

Anywho onto the pics!!! (sorry if it takes a while to load.. )

Okay, to make this easier on myself, these are all from Here
and im sorry to the owner for useing up their bandwidth lol.. trying to save them to my own page myself slowly.... la dee da.. trying not to get my ass sued....

These are off of a cool site which finds you pics that arent copyrighted! yay!! Sometimes they won't load though.. but they might next time... mostly Simpsons if you cant see them lol... anywho

These actually have links lol

Sorry about that, now onto the homepage!!! YAY

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