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Poems my friends and I made up, just for fun :D

Dont complain or anything about the crappy layout (*Cough erica *Cough...) lol

Holly - by jamjam

Holly is a Keener
She has Chop Sticks in her hair.
She smells like fractals
on a sunny day.

Holly likes math.
She is Crazy
But thats why we Care.
Because she's like a flower,
free and wild and crazy,
blowing in the Wind
like Cheese

Holly - a 3rd rate poem by Kerry

Holly is keen
She doesnt like being called Queen
She does her Homework
And uses a Fork

She is really Smart
And shes good at art
Holly's going to Europe
Maybe she'll see the Pope

Rex is her hamster
He's not a cat
Holly reads alot
Shes good at that

Harry Potter
Holly's hairs not yellow
But it flows in the wind
like jello
Art Class - by jamjam

Art class smells
like moldy clay
fresh cheese
and roses.

Fingers rust
and dry out,
smell like art class.

Bretta - by Kerry

I like Bretta
she smells like pots
she gives me chocolate
which I like lots.

She should get Warcraft III
it would make me happy
Bretta is nice
she is perfectly dappy
Holly2 - by jamjam

Holly is nice
Holly is kind
Holly doesnt like mice
Holly has a free mind

Shes a keener
but we dont mind
she's a leaner
shes one of a kind

I like my friend Holly,
I hope she likes me.
I really want a lolly...
But they're going to charge me.

Rebecca - by jamjam

she smells like Mecca
she likes skittles
her last name is Mill(tle)s

She doesnt like tests
She eats the best
like chips and junk
(I think she is a punk)
Cheese is Scott.
she does that alot.
Muwhahahahaha - ha - ha - ha
La dee da

Kerry - by jamjam

Kerry smells
she just does
I guess everyone does
but not like Kerry

Frogs - by Kerry

Frogs are green
they can be seen
in the pond
all day long(d)

They grow up strong
they can be long
tadpoles are cute
they dont have a snoot
Frog song - by Kerry

Frogs in the moooorniiiiing
and in the afternooooon
Frogs in the moooorniiing
singing in the gloooom

They sing in the eveniiing
underneath the moooon
they sing in the eveniiing
but they will stop soon

Because their favorite pooond
is starting to dryyyyy...
Their poor little pooond
is about to diiiie

Frogs - by jamjam

Frogs r mean
they ribit & gleam
Warts and Disease
get away from me

They look in mye eye
They jump on my tie
My tie is dirty
cuz frogs are flirty.
Just Kidding.

Janet - by Kerry

Janet smells
just like cowbells
Shes funny and nice
And I think she likes rice

Janet's my friend
I torture her to no end
But she puts up with me
And why I can't see

Kerry2 - by jamjam

Kerry is my friend
she'll be there till the end
she tickles me
and thats no fun
except its kerry, so
it is. Bah

her name is Bretta
she eats corn flakes in the morning
and eats rice

She is happy
and joyful
because she likes fun
and eats rice

One day Bretta,
whose name is Bretta,
ate cheerios in the morning, but
she still ate rice (and cheese)

Don't worry about my poem dear Bretta
it's crazy in the morning
just like me
and i eat rice.

Kerry- by Bretta

Kerry ain't Merry
She ate bad Berry
From her cousin Gary
Who's nose is hairy.

Kerry killed Gary,
so now's she Merry
she has to Carry,
this very dead Gary.

He may be hairy,
but he ain't no Jerry,
Jerry is hairy,
hairier then Gary,
who Kerry must carry,
to the shores of Contary
Message - by Kerry
(I think the name is Battleship
but she didnt specify lol)

what? no message?
Battleship is a game
I play it online
With people I know
And some I don't.

Sometimes I win,
but mostly I lose
to Janet.
Cheese - by jamjam

Moldy, hard, mild;
tasty, gross, colorful,
smelly, fragrant
I'm hungry.
Bretta 2 - by jamjam

Bretta has hair
it smells like new
she really has flair
cuz im a big poo

Bretta's hair was wet.
so she dried it..
but still yet;
she didnt like it.

I like Bretta
she is really nice
her hair doesnt shedda
because she eats rice

Bretta 3 - by jamjam

Bretta has a stuffed up nose
cuz he has the flu
no matter how much she blows
she doesnt get rid of her flu

Bretta is my friend
she is really nice.
there is nothing we can't mend
because I have an obsession with rice

Bretta gave me chocolate
which was really fun
I bought a whole kit
& now I have no mon.
Friday - by Kerry

Friday is the best day
the best day of the week
The end of the school and class - yay (cant read writing)
A time for catching up on sleep

It begins the weekend
And ends a week of work
It really is a godsend
For our homework we can shirk

Friday is the best day
the best day of the week
it is our time to laugh and play
So our brains don't leak!
Kerry3 - by jamjam

Kerry has cinamin hearts
they are really sweet
Im going to win at darts
cuz im going to cheat

Hey Guys, if u get any more poems
u wanna put on, just email me@:!!!

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