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Special Thanks
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Just a bit of thanks to all of the companies whose free products I used to create this wonderful site and sites that you should visit so you can create your own!

My special thanks goes to:
  • create a really cool free ad for your site or for something else. Very fun.
  • has some really cool stuff, and easy to use.
  • is a site builder with free homepages that are really great to use.
  • a really good site which gives you a free "weather magnet" thingy that I have on my main page.
  • which gave me a really cool calendar for free which I put on my website but I made it so You guys need a special password to get into it. 
  • Site which gives you credits for doing stuff and you can play lotto clicks4u and stuff like that...
  • which is has cool html help that I used very frequently for this site. 
  • which has a whole bunch of cool stuff like a web forum, email stuffs, and other cool thingys. I really recommend this site to anyone wishing to make their own site.


Thanks a whole bunch to these guys, please visit their sites, cause they're really cool!

And view these snazzy sites too, they rock :D

Email me at for any questions, comments, or anything else you may have on your mind.