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     First of all, my name is janet, im sixteen, im going to level 2 of high school (grade 11), um, im kinda really odd, im lazy, i love to rant, i like cows, dogs, cats, ducks, platapuses, and most other animals, i like insects although im scared to death of them, i like cheese, i like legos, i like pizza, i love watching t.v., i like sleeping in, and i love spending time on the computer either drawing up plans for houses cause i want to be an architect when im older or  im on the net like now, which i can only do for about an hour a day cause im connected with mun, my sister's university... that's about it.
     i hate people who peeve me off, but they have no way of knowing if something will peeve me off or not cause i am constantly changing my opinion about things, i hate having to get up in the morning or going to bed before twelve o'clock, i hate bad drivers, i hate having things hitting me like little balls or especially big balls like soccer balls, i hate when i do something and it turns out bad, or someone hates it, i hate when someone is really opinionated and believes that everyone else in the world has their opinion and if they don't then they suck, i hate when someone doesn't realize that there is anyone else in the world but themselves, i hate when i spell things rong, and thats all i can think of right now...
     Anywho, as u can c, i have my ways and i think way too much about stuff, im a bit childish when it comes to many things, im really stupid when it comes to others, im not that smart anyway, and; oooh! my shirt smells good like dryer lint or something...! anywho, u get the point, lalala ha. anywho, cruise around a bit more, im sure u'l find more stuff about me than i can fit into a couple of paragraphs. and most of all?: enjoy! :)

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