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Hey, this is a site im sorta creating, hopefully it will be done before exams... It's for my Art and Society 3222 class, hopefully it'll work some.  We're doing different cultures and art and stuff, things of the sort, creating a few pieces on our own, etc.  Hopefully ill be able to create some more pages, so far we've finished Hinduism and Buddhism and Indian culture, now i believe we're moving on to Africa and stuff. 

i only have so much internet time, so have patience and stuff and ill do the page slowly... links will eventually show up to other pages, etc., in the meantime go to my own Home Page for some fun, stuff, im slowly learning html and stuff too so you'll have to put up with a bit... if u need anything, Email Me, shall be fun hopefully.  Yes. 

What's New?

I might add some stuff here now and then to let u know what's new, yeah, it'll help some when u visit... anywho, yeah, have fun in the meantime. 

Ill be addin some cool stuff over here, links, cool html im learning, etc., u know, and things of interest. Nothing yet, however, so come back when its a bit more interesting...