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My imood: The current mood of at OHHHHHHHHHHH WAIT!!!!!!!!!
I just got this off the presses!!! New site!!! Hopefully it'll work!! Go to it Here!! YAY

Hey! Welcome to my site; uh, enjoy the ride... yeah. Im slowly moving my old page to this site so im usually updating this page at least... Anywho, it might not be the best, so, be careful! Sorry about the annoyin little balls following ur mouse  (if they work right), but they're really fun once u get 2 know um... anywho, enjoy, that's what it's all about, people who accidentally come here or are refered here... just to have fun. And remember: what goes up can stay up for all I care. Anywho, have a great time and come back cause im always updating this site and adding new extra features as the free companies make them... so ciao for now and ciao for later! lallalala

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So I now have a blog... laugh if you like lol... anywho yeah its at Crimson and I hope it works lol... anywho go to it and try it out, I'm still new there and I have no idea how to change the links and whatnot (???) anywho yeah go and have fun laughing at me.. bah...

What goes around gets dizzy and falls down.

i'm a dork.

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